Template features

Grid systems. Every framework today has one, but they are frequently over-specified, overly complex and totally inflexible. Joomla's default grid, from Bootstrap, is no exception.

Our templates come with overrides for widely used Joomla components and modules; improving semantics, accessibility and usability.

Our template framework, Oneweb, has an Object Orientated CSS architecture that performs two key functions, separating layout from style and providing a toolkit of reusable CSS objects to quickly create the styles you need most often.

Oneweb, our template framework, is built with Sass, the syntactically awesome css pre-processor. Sass is incredibly elegant and generates CSS far more efficiently than the Joomla default pre-processor, LESS.

I frequently found myself writing a load of wacky type, oftent within a CMS WYSIWYG editor, simply to visualise the typographic styles I was setting in a live environment.

That game gets real tiresome, real quick, so I made this thing to save myself.